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Oleg Pospelov
Graphic designer, corporate identity specialist
For years of my practice I've created dozens of corporate styles for Russian and international companies. My clients include hotels, theatres, festivals, engineering companies, real estate agencies, manufacturing and transportation companies. Corporate identity is a complex of many tools that helps to set up communication with the consumer. A good corporate identity means a product recognition, customer loyalty increase, sales growth. The logo itself, no matter how good it is, is often not able to cope with all these tasks — it needs an environment: color, key visuals, auxiliary graphics, taking into account the specific task selected fonts — then the system works much more efficiently. With my colleagues I'm working from various fields of graphic design to solve complex problems related to the development and support of corporate identity. Taking into account all the features of your product and the target audience, we will create a unique system of visual identity for your company.

"То, что я хотел, я получил. Олег, восхищаюсь Вами, как упаковщиком бизнеса и профессионалом!"
Anton Sorokko
Asten Realty, General Director
"Probably, it's the most expressive corporate style in the industry."
Roman Mikhailov
Founder of "BIODEVICE"
"Можно без преувеличений сказать, что мы просто в восторге от результата работы — задача решена очень изящно."
Natalia Samsonova
Co-founder of "Design Concept"

+34 611 303 494 (whatsapp)
skype: o.pospelov
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